Job 19:26

“In my flesh I SHALL SEE GOD!”

Oh yeah I gave emphasis in that verse!

I KNOW I am being stretched in such a way with this journey that being re-created to truly CONNECT and stay CONNECTED TO MY JOURNEY!

I can’t believe I have been practicing the amazing gift of tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique) for over 2 years now….BUT REALLY experiencing it in my body-spirit connection this last 6 months….especially when using essential oils.   So much so that I have started incorporating it with my coaching practice.  I love teaching and sharing about this amazing gift.  So what does it have to do with Job 19:26?

EFT, tapping for short, utilizes our body’s energy meridian points!  When I tap I FEEL GOD working in my FLESH!  And therefore…”in my flesh I see God.!”

Here is a little bit to understand more about tapping….

Our body is composed of energy.  Tapping restores the energy that needs to be mended due to negative emotions that have created a physical symptom.

When we are tapping we are focusing on the negative emotion at hand while maintaining a mental focus on the issue.  Tapping is similar to acupuncture.  The science behind it is amazing.  Studies done at Harvard medical found that the brains stress/fear response from the amygdala can be lessened by stimulating the meridian points.

The argument has been said that by focusing on the negative emotion it doesn’t allow us to move out of it……but the contrary when we ignore it… digs deep into our cellular structure thus our mind…our spirit…it does effect our body because the spirit is not being tended to.

So how tapping works is we identify the problem we are wrestling with, and then compose our set up statement.  Then we tap a sequence about 5-7 times through 8 different meridian points.  Thus releasing the negative energy….the negative emotion….reconnecting our spirit to our body!

After completing a sequence…focus on the problem again and see if the emotion is gone.  NOW is where we can install positive emotions.

Have you ventured into tapping to strengthen your relationship with God? With yourself? With the support of Essential Oils?

Sit with this….pray about it….write about it….and consider tapping with your oils about it…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones….

~Kelly 😉

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