Yoga {yoked}

What if God was trying to speak to other cultures to be YOKED to HIM!?

What If HE was trying to show them movement…breathing to be fully connected to HIM.

What if it got hijacked?

God creates only good.

We know through scientific proof that yoga movements and breathing are very good.   There are other practices that are similar though that can be just as beneficial.  Without creating a confusion.

I know I have shared about this topic before….but after having watched the Bible Health series it had me pondering again about this topic.  I watched/listened to a great webinar awhile back from Dr. Eric Z in whether or not Christians should practice Yoga.  It was very compelling.

And through some of my own continued research God has been so gracious with guiding me to understand that when we talk about yoga that there is a difference in Yoga vs. yoga (notice capitalized vs. lowercase).   I think where the problem gets in the way is when we go to a class do we know the foundation the roots of the instructor….what is their intent in teaching us?

Since we are all connected spiritually then how can another’s beliefs and spirit NOT effect us if we don’t armor ourselves.

So this is the conclusion and insight I have come to this subject.  I personally can’t practice yoga.  I know how to do meditative moves and pilates that provide the same calm within.  One of the things that really resonated with me that Dr. Eric Z had shared was would I want to be the one to lead someone away from Christ.  I hold firmly to this truth.  Everything I do, I adhere to this thought, not out of fear but out of great love.  So even if I KNEW within my very being that my yoga practice was me giving God glory and honor…..would a struggling Christian know this and be led toward Yoga vs. yoga.

The funny thing is “yoga” has become so vogue and popular that many of us forget that some of these moves are good old fashioned stretch moves we have done since we were little.  But the term “yoga” is more trendy.  And there in lies the concern.  There have been many great saints, popes, theologians who have pressed upon us to heed caution about somethings.

It’s all so very interesting because it can all be so confusing.

What I do know is that each of us have a different journey with God.  And I firmly believe that when we stay CONNECTED to His guiding, leading, and whispers…..then we know…WE KNOW…when something is going to bring us closer to HIM or possibly lead others away from HIM.

So today CONNECT with HIM on a topic you have wrestled with…..and sit with HIM….HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY….not what the world has to say.  And remember to utilize the tools He gives us from the earth through the essential oils.  Find which one is going to open your mind and create space for you to hear HIS voice in the area you wrestle with.

Sit with this…pray about it…write about it…oil up…tap away…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 😉

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