Pain {Beauty}

There are days I struggle greatly with knowing I CANNOT push myself physically like I once did.  I CANNOT go out for a 7 mile run and feel alive….heck even a block of a run sometimes is more than I can imagine.   When I watch battle scenes in movies like Wonder Woman I feel fired up to go out and move boulders.  I have to remember my boulders are metaphorical.

When I forget to connect my body and spirit to where my body is RIGHT NOW I am forgetting that I AM BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE RIGHT NOW.

Who really cares that I can’t bench press my own weight anymore….heck I am proud of my pushups I do accomplish.  My movement that I engage in during this season of my life is nurturing and loving.  It’s about me truly paying attention to my mind, body, soul, spirit needs….not about me running from pain, beating myself up about imperfections.

There is an amazing quote (and I so wish I could remember who said it)….”Where the pain passes, the beauty remains.”

We need to dig deep to find the strength in our struggles rather than the bitter.

No I don’t like that there truly are days it really really hurts to climb up my stairs because of the newest developments with my health.  But I KNOW God will help me figure out the root cause of this current physical pain.  Because through this physical pain I can find my passion.  I can and will be resurrected from the struggle.

Through our pains and struggles and with grace we are are able to see life fuller, better, blessed.

But we can’t do this by ourself.  WE are not alone.  God is with us…ALWAYS!

So the next time you are struggling with your pain or circumstances consider this:  Are you going to allow it to transform you or imbitter you?

Can you embrace your suffering, your strife, your struggle?  HE DID!  Ensure your own Ressurection into BEAUTY!!

Sit with this….pray about this….journal about it….oil up…..tap into freedom and peace!

Many blessings my dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂

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