Physical healing with forgiveness 

Connecting your body and spirit health to forgiveness is vital! Forgiveness can be the the key component to a physical health break through. Trust me on this 😘….

When I started my TRUE healing journey 2 years ago I was able to discover and unpeel unforgiveness that I had no idea was still there.  It had festered deep within.  This  was a huge part of my physical health failing.
So with lots of purposeful awareness and mindful of when I’m having a flare up I take it to the Lord and ask him to reveal to me what could be the root of my pain. And more times than not there is forgiveness that needs to take place.

Forgiveness of someone, self, and even my Lord!

I often oil up with Forgive and whichever other oil that needs to support that specific forgiveness issue. And I take it to the Lord!

This article is awesome It goes through a list of things we may not find forgivable and why we should.

Do you have unforgiveness in your heart for something?  Is it against someone? Yourself? God?

Sit with this…..pray about it….journal about it…..share and connect with me below!!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers, family, friends….

Kelly 😊❤️💧

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