Self Love with Oregano

Do you have a closet full of clothes?  Do you feel like you must have the newest gadget?  And what about when you look in the mirror do you focus on the outer shell of your body?!

Go ahead and ask me:  Kelly what on earth does all this have to do with self-love!?  And what could oregano possibly have to do with any of this!!??

Let’s go down this road of self discovery….

Do you find yourself feeling too attached and distracted by what I listed above?!  Once upon a time I would go out and buy something on a whim if I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror!  It wasn’t just a matter of just feeling bored with my wardrobe it was a matter of my dysmorphia taking charge and me being excessive in my my obsession of “perfection”.

Oregano supports our growth in becoming detached from “stuff”; even negative, toxic stuff!  It will open our eyes to to do some “house cleaning”, “purifying” of our mind.  Opening our minds to our wrong way of thinking about ourselves.  Opening our minds and our spirit to be flexible with our will so we can live in HIS WILL.  Because when we live in HIS WILL we are opening up ourselves to amazing self care and SELF LOVE!

Oregano is amazingly powerful for all of this!

Do you need encouragement to live in true spirituality? To find a devotion to God that gives you the push to let go? And to truly LOVE yourself.  To quit obsessing about stuff, about self, about will, about others.

Sit with this….pray about it….write about it….share and connect with me below about it!!!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers…family….friends…

~Kelly 🙂

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