Self love with Frankincense

When we don’t love ourselves we are not seeing the TRUTH!  We are believing lies that we are not protected….abandoned…disconnected from our Father.

This is why I LOVE Frank!  Because Frankincense reconnects us to the truth!  The truth of how beautifully wonderfully made we are!

Sometimes our lack of love is so deep it has seeped into our cellular structure….our immune system.  We are willing to believe the lie of darkness.

The support of Frank provides:

  • enlightenment
  • protection
  • wisdom
  • LOVE

Your inner light can connect you to the TRUTH.  The truth that your HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU…..AND HE ONLY MAKES THINGS GOOD!

How can you connect to your inner light!?  Connect to the truth!?  Sit with this …pray about this…write about this….share and connect with me below!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers…friends….family….

~Kelly 😉

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