Is Social Media and Technology Robbing Us?

I wonder this often!!!

As a matter of fact I have been reflecting ALOT about my social media time! And how do I want to block it out and minimize it to open up space in my life for more one-on-one interaction! So what if no one knows who I encountered that day….because that person I did meet with KNOWS and she knows the connection we had because it was in person.

But I also do love being of great support and connecting to those in my private group Oils Family as well as on my FB Page of creating encouragement.

Yet when the hours spent on FB are a higher percentage then face to face at the end of the month we need to reflect on where is our time being spent? How are we truly connecting in the way Christ did. After all He is our ultimate example of connecting to others.

And here Pastor Jennie has said it beautifully! Are we truly connecting with social media?

Today use some essential oils to open your mind to connect your thoughts and heart to how much time you can spend with another rather than on Facebook! One of my favorite oils for this is Patachouli. What’s yours?! Share and connect with me….and make sure and check out Pastor Jenine’s post!

Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

Rev Jenine MarieHuman connection and interaction is one of the staples of life.  Science has determined when people are denied human touch they slowly die from the inside out. It has also been found when a person receives a hug from another, the nurturing brain chemical oxytocin is released in the brain. This brings a sense of comfort, contentment, and happiness. I can’t help but marvel at the way our Creator has made us. We are born for interaction, community, relationship, and love.

I am beginning to wonder if technology is taking a lot of that away from us. In some ways we are all connected more than we ever could have been without all of the modes of communication we have. Yet, in other ways I have to question if we are denying ourselves much needed human interaction and if we are losing the benefit of more personal modes of connection…

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