Spiritual Signs…

My interview was so electrifying…amazing!  Shonda Holt is a delight of a woman.  I am so grateful to have connected with her .  I look forward to collaborating and connecting with her on future projects and I am beyond excited to post the interview when it is released.

but I have to tell you I wasn’t so sure it was going to take place yesterday.  I hopped on my computer yesterday morning, wanting to practice with Zoom one more time.  I wanted to ensure I had the angle and lighting correct for my interview.  MY CAMERA WASN’T WORKING!

I calmly stepped away and thought: OK Lord help me figure this out!

It was still not working.  I then hopped on with my iPad.  It’s sound wasn’t working!!!

I though: Lord you’ve got to be kidding me!!!

Then I stopped..I grounded myself….reflected on what I wrote on Wednesday:  this is not about me!  Its about hope! the message! I know Lord you’ve got this!

I went to my oils and though: Okay Lord which one do I need for this!?

The funny thing was they were the same oils I needed from the night before.

It was Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Melaleuca.


Why these oils!?

You should know me by now, I always find/see the spiritual part of the oils!  So for example if I test myself on a certain oil for something physical it may be something different from the time before.  I then always look to the emotions book to see if the emotion behind the oil resonates with me…..thus could my physical situation be needing the support of the emotion of that oil that will also support the physical situation.

So I looked up these 3 oils….why were they going to be the most supportive oils at that moment?!

Bergamot:  Was reminding me to accept myself.  To move past the situation .  That I am OK!  I AM GOOD ENOUGH TO BE DOING THIS!  Bergamot reminded me to bring HOPE to myself so I CAN BRING HOPE TO OTHERS!File Apr 28, 11 43 37 AM

Eucalyptus: reminded me to not fall into defeat.  I can and will figure this out!!!

Melaleuca:  This oil was helping me clear out any and all negative energy that was trying to interfere with sharing HOPE!!  Hello…..who is the master on despair!?

So do you ever feel like you are under a spiritual attack?  It is real…BUT we can use amazing tools and resources GOD has given us such as essential oils.

Take a moment to reflect on how you can bring hope to others…..and not let negative spiritual attacks try to bring you down!   Do you have a story of hope to share!?

Sit with this….pray about it….write about it…..share below about it…..

Many hugs and blessings dear followers…..family…..friends….

~Kelly 🙂


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