Marvelous Me…

My dearest Followers….family….and friends….

I decided it was important to bring my inflammation under control.  I KNOW my toxin load is just more than my body can handle and process.  When we have chronic inflammation there is a disconnect going on.  I have been learning even more about toxin loads and I am looking forward to continuing my sharing with you all.

But more important I would love for you all to join my OILS FAMILY/TRIBE!  I love it when we get to share, learn, and be accountable to others….it provides connection…..growth!

So my question for you is….

Does your mind body soul spirit need to detox?!

💧 What if the May flower 🌺 was you?! Would you grow and flourish?!

💧We all need a detox atleast once a year! We all experience toxin overload, even with clean eating. But what about toxic emotions?

💧We can all use encouragement and accountability when we are connecting with others doing the same detox!

💧this is a detox like none other you have ever done before!

💧This May I will be leading my oils family in a detox. The detox will be with the amazing Cleanse and Restore program doTERRA has developed. In addition I will be providing daily encouragement, support, and tips on how to finish your 30 day detox of mind body soul spirit!

💧What to expect:
Pre-detox prep.
Grocery shopping list.
Suggested oils/supplements.
Connecting with others.
Daily wake up support.

💧Support that includes:
Daily scripture
Journaling suggestions
Food recommendations
Access to private FB group.

💧I would love ❤️ to have you join my Oils family and have access to private content JUST for you, my oils family!

💧Don’t hesitate! I have 3 available appointments this week.

Connect to the “Marvelous Me” within YOU this May…..

Sit with this….pray about it……journal about it….and comment/connect below about it.

And if you want to make a virtual or face-to-face appointment email me at or FB message me at Kelly Frick Connect  

Let’s take a MIND BODY SOUL SPIRIT detox journey together!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers…friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂

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