New Life…

It’s the day after Easter!  Now we experience Jesus in a whole new way!  He is with us for 40 days before he ascends into heaven!

It’s a chance to cleanse…to do away with the old and in with the new!

This had me thinking about how when we think and reflect we can see and understand how our physical and spiritual life truly ARE CONNECTED!

I have spent the last 2-3 weeks painting, cleaning, doing lots of different things to help our house get on the market.  And to transition into a new phase of life.

My system (physical and emotional) has become toxic.  I know this because I can feel it.  It doesn’t matter that I eat 100% organic.  It doesn’t matter that I have been working on my sleep.  It doesn’t matter that I have been doing lots of things to continually heal my thyroid.

Paint is toxic.  Stress (good and bad) are toxic.  Moving things around stirring up junk in the air along with seasonal changes are toxic.

Toxic meaning…..we are expecting our bodies to do a lot of things and it can only process so much at once.  Then it starts to get sluggish, holding on to things, not functioning as best it can/should.

Our liver is our major detoxifier!  It helps our bodies function.  And if there is one thing I have learned about my thyroid is when everything is running well together then it means everything is connected….everything is communicating.  But if not…..well what could be the disconnect?!  And one of my first thoughts is always my liver!?  What is it possibly taking on that could be creating a disconnect between my adrenals and my thyroid… pituitary gland to my adrenals……my……you name it……where is the disconnect……

So during this 40 days as Jesus is creating change and opening eyes and detoxing old ways of thinking…..I will detox my body from the overload it has been experiencing that I think could be a liver root issue!  I am going to definitely take advantage of Zendocrine to support my detox!

***More on this amazing oil and products in the next post…..but until then…

What do you need to detox from?  Environmental?  Emotional?  Nutritional?

Sit with this…..pray about it….write about it….share below about it!!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly 🙂

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