The Wood of the Cross…

Tonight I will be attending Good Friday service.  It’s always a struggle for me.  I am able to close my eyes and see the stations of the cross come alive in my mind….in my heart.  And it hurts.  I am able to see, hear, and feel everything Mel Gibson put into his famous film: The Passion.   As we process to the alter, I will take my turn to reflect upon the wood of the cross.

I have been reflecting even more on what was the wood of the cross?

I have read lots of great stories, theories, and historical reflections.  My favorite talks about whether it was a combination of three: pine, cedar, and cypress.

This had me thinking about what tree would have been the cross.  I knew I could look up Cedarwood and Cypress in my essential oils books because those two I have info on.  I especially was curious based on the emotional component of these two oils.

Cedarwood: The oil of community…..forming social roots….assists the heart in opening to receive love….

Cypress: the oil of motion and flow….allow life to flow freely… to have perfect trust….

I was in awe and unbelief in the phrases I picked out above.

Today….tonight….take a moment to reflect on the amazing LOVE Christ bestowed upon us through his sacrifice.  And the amazing TRUST he had in his Father!

Which oil/tree do you think bore the weight of Christ’s cross: Cypress or Cedarwood?!  or both?  Or do you another thought?!

Think about this….sit with this…pray about this…..write about this….share below about this!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂

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