Which Oil for Peter?

Tomorrow is the Last Supper.  Which Apostle do you connect with most?

Have you ever really pondered about this?  During holy week we often think about the last supper and know there are 12 at that table yet the two that stand out the most are Peter and Judas.  But what about all the other apostles?

I even ponder which essential oil could have supported each of them in their faith walk?  Which essential oil could have enhanced their strength and which could’ve helped them rise above their fears, doubts, anything they struggled with.  I know this may not be something most people ponder on, but I do.

The more I study and learn about my faith; the more I study and learn about essential oils; the more I connect them together; the more I see how relevant they are to each other.

So as you reflect upon the last supper tomorrow I challenge you to reflect which apostle you connect with most and which essential oil you connect with most.  And what would’ve  been the essential oil for that apostle to find strength and support?

Sit with this….pray about this….write about this…..share below about this!?

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


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