Change is in the Air!

Our life is about to become extremely interesting. Our family recently had some interesting events that occurred.  I was reflecting on my daughters curriculum and schooling options for next year.  We are part of a wonderful homeschooling program called Classical Conversations (CC).

Well our local campus wasn’t going to have the next level she would be in next year.  We started discussing all our options and prayed.

As my hubby and I were going for a walk he reminded me there was a CC community in Austin and there was a position for open for his work.  Now I have ALWAYS wanted to move to Austin, but he has always resisted it.

God started showing me the connection of why he was resisting it.  How there has been a disconnect with his mind and spirit about Austin.  Then to add to all of it our daughter really liked the idea of moving.

This amazing 13 year old expressed she felt like she wasn’t living up to her potential staying in Amarillo.

She asked if we could go to daily mass that week to pray more about it.  As we were going to Mass she asked if I had my Hope oil.  I always have this beautiful oil with me.

After Mass she said “Do you know why I wanted the Hope oil?…..Because I wanted to believe….to hope this really will happen!”

What changes are going on in your life that need HOPE!?

Sit with this…..pray about this….write about this….share below about this!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly 🙂

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