Healing as a Warrior

Today I reflect on how healing is a journey.  I’ve come such a long way yet I know I have more work to do .  I remember dates and events that surround the moment that needs healing.  As many people are preparing for April Fools Day pranks/jokes, I  have a flash back of lying on a hospital bed.   Friday will be  the anniversary of me sitting in a doctors office feeling numb that my precious baby didn’t have a heart beat.  So today I lean on console to continue my healing journey.

I am so grateful to have an oil blend, CONSOLE, that will support my continual healing.  Because emotional hurts do resurface for all of us.  How we handle and process these emotions at whatever stage will either support our health on a healing path or hinder our healing path.

The pain isn’t stabbing like it once was.  Most of the time I feel great joy of the memories but I also have other emotions that get in the way.  After all the spirit of hurt and pain are not from God so they must be processed.  They must be cleared out.

What pain do you need to still process/work through:

  1. griefFile Mar 26, 5 08 38 PM
  2. loss
  3. trauma
  4. tragedy
  5. burden

Grab CONSOLE to find:

  1. comfort
  2. ease burdens
  3. serene heart
  4. emotional rest
  5. feeling whole

Sit with this…..pray about this…..write about this….and share below about this!

Many hugs and prayers dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


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