Body (Armor) Honor…

Today I have the great opportunity to share on a Facebook Group about the essential oil Grapefruit.  This FB group is a private group for oilers to receive continual help/support about using essential oils and so much more.  This particular group comprises of many up-lines in this fabulous doTerra family.  This group is meant to share and learn from many leaders.

One of the leaders created an opportunity for a different oil to be featured for 16 days in March.  The 16 oils were already selected.  And us leaders were asked to volunteer if so desired to do a FB Live about that oil on a specific day.  When I saw Grapefruit was one of the oils….I KNEW I HAD TO PICK IT!


Grapefruit is the essential oil that supports my dysmorphia!  I have shared many times here with you all about my healing and understanding of body dysmorphia; how it is multifaceted with triggers and causes.  But since one of the aspects has to do with brain chemistry it is something that I must armor myself about each and every day!

I armor myself with affirmations.  I armor myself with looking directly in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I armor myself with nourishing food that won’t cause hormonal fluctuation.  I armor myself with prayer and renouncing ALL negative thoughts that are not from God that try to seep into my brain.

And I armor myself with GRAPEFRUIT essential oil!

Even if you don’t have dysmorphia do you find yourself ever:

  • hating your body
  • obsessing about food
  • excessive dieting
  • eating issues/disorders
  • anxiety over appearance

Do you desire to:

  • respect your body
  • meet your physical needs
  • have body acceptance
  • have a healthy relationship with food

Then maybe just maybe Grapefruit Essential Oil is the oil that could provide some support with your prayers for HONORING YOUR BODY!

Have you used Grapefruit Essential Oil?  Do you struggle with loving your body?

Sit with this…..pray about this….journal about it!  And connect with me by sharing below!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂

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