Empowering Women…

I absolutely LOVE empowering others….but ESPECIALLY WOMEN!

I was once “lost but now I am found“….I have found freedom in being ME!

I understand when I struggle about something….it is not from GOD….it is not how HE designed me…..IT IS ME needing to RENOUNCE the LIES that are whispered in my ear….in all of our ears.

How do I armor myself from these lies!?

  1.  I renounce it and take it to God.
  2. I examine where my own sin may have allowed the liar to hide somewhere in my armor.
  3. I OIL UP!

Ginger Essential Oil is the oil of EMPOWERMENT!  

Do you desire to be reminded how you ARE capable, purposeful, EMPOWERED?  To push out the negativity of feeling like a victim, powerless , defeated, stuck?


Grab for Ginger….diffuse it…..sit with these thoughts…..pray about it…write about it…..share with me about it :)!!!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers…friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂



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