This last week I found myself struggling….I was thinking I was suppose to control some stuff.  Then I found myself feeling fearful of if I made one decision I would disappoint….if I made another I would be “miserable”…..

I was not at peace!   WHY!?

Because I was not seeing the full picture.  I wasn’t “seeing” the evil that was trying to distract me with something good to prevent me from the BEST God had for me.

How did I find my PEACE?  I was sitting with Jesus in adoration….I went to my bag and applied PEACE essential oil.…and I PRAYED….  I asked begged God to open my eyes to what I was not seeing….

And that is when amazing PEACE overcame me….I KNEW WHAT I WAS TO DO!!!

We must be willing to abandon our self to the WILL of GOD!  That is where we find peace.  Sometimes we may wrestle with it…..but when we are honest with ourselves we will realize that there is so much more PEACE with living in HIS will then forcing our will.

So the question for you is: do you sometimes find yourself trying to CONTROL so many things, you become so attached to the situation, which it then creates fear?!

Sit with this…pray about it….write about it…..share with me below about it!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family…..

~Kelly 🙂

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