Fear & Family


What does FAMILY mean to you?!  Is it blood…friends….church….facebook….lol!?  No but really….we are all connected through our spirit not just because of blood.  And sometimes with family things aren’t always clear.

Sometimes with our family we don’t know how to use our voice…we are afraid to use our voice?

Fear can cause us to compromise our convictions in many things in life but it can especially cause us to want to compromise with family.  Why?  Because we love them….we don’t want to disappoint them…we don’t want them to be angry with us…..we don’t want to feel unloved.File Mar 09, 3 55 53 PM

The problem is fear, especially with family, can cause us to not connect to our own spirit and soul.  It can create a cog with hearing what God needs us to do….a bigger picture that sometimes we don’t see when we are handicapped by fear.

Have you ignored some of God’s promptings out of fear of what family may say, think or do?!

And what essential oils have you used to squash your fears….especially with family!?


Think about this…sit with this….pray about it….share about it!

Hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


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