Birthday Boundaries…

Have you every allowed someone to suck the life out of you?  

How about allowed others to take advantage of you with your time, energy, or talents?


BUT…..I have learned how important it is to NOT put myself in those relationships that are very VAMPIRISH.  It’s not easy… do not get me wrong.  I thought I was a strong, purposeful woman with so many things for so many years.  After all I spoke up (or so I thought)…..and I  did for others out of love (or so I thought).

Instead I have learned some very key important tools about setting boundaries.  They truly set you free!

It has allowed me to connect with people in ways that are deep, real, authentic, and honoring to myself and to them.

As I was thinking about how Melaleuca is the oil of Energetic Boundaries….It had me reflecting on the things it is also used for physically.

Melaleuca, also know as tea tree oil, was the very first essential oil I ever used.  My daughter had a contracted molluscum.   After months of conventional remedies I came across a blog about tea tree oil….I thought I have nothing to lose.  I started bathing her in it, dabbing each spot with it.  Putting tea tree oil in her body lotion.  You name it I had her swimming in the stuff.

Melaleuca is known for cleaning the skin, it’s known to help physically with healing cuts, wounds, and infections.  It has 12 times the antiseptic power of phenol, and some strong immune building properties.

Knowing what I know about my daughter and even about myself….it has me reflect on how many times when I have even a blemish on my face is it because I have not set healthy boundaries about something, or someone.  A perfect example for me that really drives it home is about 3 years ago we (my family and I) were in a situation I DID NOT WANT TO BE IN….I ended up having the LARGES COLD SORE I had ever had in my life.  I didn’t have the assortment of oils then that I do today… I leaned heavily on Melaleuca and Lavender.

This cold sore SHOULD have taken at least a week to go away……instead it was three days…..and with no signs it had been there.  And I had actually ended up enjoying the situation and experience.  Hindsight allows me to reflect and realize…..Melaleuca supported my need to be empowered and to establish boundaries that didn’t sap me of my energy, which in return opened me up to have a connection and respect for those we were with.

Thus, today as I celebrate age…I celebrate wisdom…I celebrate all I have learned in establishing boundaries!

Next time you’re feeling like you might be betraying yourself, not standing up for yourself, or even taking on others problems…..take notice if it is manifesting physically…..and even if it’s not…..still grab for Melaleuca.  This is an act of love for self and for others!

How do you establish boundaries?  How do you not feel like your in the middle of a vampire movie?  Sit with this….pray about this…write about this…..and share below!!

Blessings my dear followers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂

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