Surrendering Pain

There are some days my inflammation can seem unbearable.  It has been awhile since I have had throbbing inflammation related to my health.  Yet, recently it has been flaring up.  Which has me reflecting on:  What have I done differently in my life recently?  What have I possibly eaten differently?  OR what I am I not processing out emotionally!?

This week as I was sharing about addictions I reflected on my own history of addictions.  Some people struggle with one addiction, some struggle with many.  Some it is truly in our DNA to have a tendency toward addictive behaviors.  BUT we can rewire our DNA….we can redeem it BECAUSE GOD MADE US FOR GOOD…..not for struggle.

When we struggle we are not living out how we were designed.  Matthew 11:30 tells us our yoke is to be easy…our burden light.   When we struggle we are not taking our burdens and our pain to HIM.  When we struggle we are leaning too much on our will rather than HIS WILL.  And that is where I think the root of addictions are.  The unwillingness to surrender to PAIN.  To allow it to be out there: raw, real, gushing……so it can get air to start healing.

One of my favorite Essential Oils is Deep Blue… is the soothing blend…..the oil of surrendering pain.

When I find myself holding my emotions in too much I have learned that is when my inflammation rears up.

So I turn to the soothing blend not only to support my “burning” wrists or my achy legs…..but I turn to it to help me embrace what the root of my pain is.  It reminds me to let go of the fear of the pain.  It reminds me to face my emotions to bring them to light so I don’t hide them under fear.  So I don’t hide them behind what ever addiction may manifest in that season (eating, drinking, shopping, lack of self-love….).

What pain do you need to surrender?  What emotion do you need to face head on?  Sit with this….pray about this…write about it….share below!

Many blessings my dear followers….family….friends…

~Kelly 🙂

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