An amazing friend of mine recently gave a testimony on eating disorders.  And the sermon itself was also about being stuck in addictions.  It was beautiful.

It had me reflecting on addictive behaviors and tendencies.  Some of us are more prone than others to addictions.  And some people have one addiction that has a strong hold on them and some struggle with many addictions.

There are many factors behind addictions:  genetics, personalities, life traumas, and more.

The question we must ask ourselves is what is the true root of our addiction?    Fear!file-feb-19-8-05-08-pm

If I hadn’t been through the HEALING THE WHOLE PERSON retreat back in November and started studying all about fear I don’t think I would have fully seen the connections as I do today.

I have found many things that help support me when I find myself wanting to fall back into an addictive mindset:

  1. I confront the fear.  I assess what am I trying to avoid, that I am willing to seek comfort from something other than God.
  2.  I renounce the fear and all negative emotions.
  3. I oil up!  I assess which essential oil is going to be most supportive for me to overcome the current hurdle.
  4. I pray pray pray.  I lay it at the cross.
  5. And finally I remind myself my mind cannot hold fear and love in it at the same time so I choose LOVE….I choose trust…..I CHOOSE GOD’S WILL!!

Do you struggle with an addiction!?  What practices do you have in place to stay “sober” from your addiction (eating disorder, alcohol, shopping, pornography)?!  Sit with this….pray about it…..write about it…..share with me about it!!!

Next post I will share more about which essential oils support me when I struggle with addictive attitudes.

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…….friends….

~Kelly 🙂


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