Time truly goes fast and slow all at the same time!


When a person is in the middle of a storm they may feel like their storm is never going to settle down.  Reflecting on our upcoming annual ski trip I am able to see how amazing I feel from the woman who wrote this posting about the early stages of my health journey.

I finally feel free to express exactly what I want in each situation.   And thanks to my STORM I am able to truly LOVE ME…..to CARE FOR ME!

This year’s ski trip: I DON’T WANT TO SKI!  And I have let everyone involved know.  It is what they want to do to enjoy their vacation.    I want to read, write, and go hiking.   I don’t feel like I have to pretend and/or do something for everyone else anymore.   I am respecting myself…my needs…..my self-care during our vacation time.

How often do you take a vacation and you feel like you have to please everyone else around you?  How often do you compromise your self-care and restoration needs from a vacation?

What can you do differently next vacation to ensure your taking care of your needs?  Sit with it……pray about it……write about it…..share below about it!!

Many hugs and prayers always my dear readers….family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂




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