Highly Sensitive People…

Growing up my dad was bound and determined to toughen me up.    What did that mean to him?   Teaching me how to take “teasing”.   He would often tease me about different things in life.   He truly thought he was helping me.  I do not hold this against him.  He didn’t understand that it was the WORSE thing for me.

File Feb 05, 2 28 45 PM.png

We are all  uniquely different…beautifully wonderfully made.

WE are a compilation of our:

Add to all that being a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON  (HSP)…..it was not the best for my being…..my spirit.

There have been times these last couple years when I have wondered if my emotions  were because of my thyroid condition or because of something more internal?  I have wondered if some of how I am was due to some of my childhood traumas…..

Everything in my life does contribute to who I am but this recent layer of discovery has been amazing and awesome!  AND FREEING!!!   Realizing that I am an HSP  helps me understand that setting boundaries for me really is important.  Sleep for me is imperative.  My exhaustion from large groups isn’t just an introvert thing.   Maneuvering insensitive people and situations must be rewired in my mind so my body and spirit can connect to the TRUE ME!  Finally, SELF CARE IS NOT A LUXURY!

When we connect with ourselves better we are able to love ourselves better.  Therefore, setting boundaries frees us to love others better, fuller.

What do you need to know better about YOU?!  Think about it….sit with it…..pray about it….and share below!!!!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends….

Kelly 🙂


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