Love is in the air…

Self-Love that is!

Last Wednesday I had the awesome, amazing opportunity. I was asked to be a motivational guest speak for a church youth group.

The topic I was given: Self-Love, Care and Respect!


Oh my goodness……could they have not picked a better topic for me to speak on!!!

I had an HOUR…..I had to figure out HOW was I going to share with them HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO LOVE YOURSELF… respect yourself….to care for yourself IN ONE HOUR!!

BUT with GOD’S amazing hand in it all…..HE was able to use my being to share HIS message and it was awesome!

So how did I do it?  What did I share?


  1.  Love your neighbor, AS YOURSELF…
  2. God created us IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HIM….
  3. He created us body and spirit…..

If you are not truly taking care of yourself and loving yourself HOW can you truly care for and love your neighbor?

If we look into the mirror and say ugly things to ourselves……we are saying ugly things to GOD!

If we focus only on the body we neglect the spirit…..and if we focus on only the spirit we neglect the body…..we MUST connect the two…..WHY/HOW?  He gave us JESUS as our perfect example of the BODY-SPIRIT connect!

There was sooo much more…..but those three elements were the MEAT of the hour……everything else unfolded under those three!

It was amazing and uplifting….it was great to see such young people eager to learn more!

How would you answer the above elements: Do you love yourself?  Do you criticize yourself?  Do you obsess over your body or not care for it at all?

Sit with that today….pray about it…..write about it….start this February with renewed determination to fall fabulously in love with yourself…..through HIS DIVINE WILL…..

Only then will it be balanced…..and connected….and true and holy!!!

Please share your thoughts below!

Blessings my dear followers……..friends….

~Kelly 🙂


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