Is Christianity Dead?

Ugh….it’s funny I know I chose to not blog this month because I am doing some revamping and catching up on much needed research, goal setting and family time…

And yet I’m blogging or should I say re-blogging a lot!!!

But…..I can’t help but share some of the most incredibly wise and deep though provoking things this young lady posts and shares!!!!

So the question I leave you with is….
Are you living out your faith in a way that someone would say….
“Yep she’s a Jesus freak!”…..

Or does no one even have a clue you go to church!!!

How can you be an intentional disciple?!

Sit with that….pray about it….write about….
Many blessings dear readers…family….friends…


Well folks, another Christmas is in the books!

Christmas 2K16 is officially behind us. The eggnog has been consumed. Gifts gifted. Food coma endured. And for those brave souls who took on a real tree this year, its pine needles are officially all over the floor and will be mysteriously appearing in randomcrevicesfor the next 4 months.


Ever since I was of “appropriate age,” my family has always gone to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. It is one of my favorite memories and traditions. The caroling at 11pm. The candles. The trumpets. For the past, say, 15+ years, we have been going, and every year, we’d always get there right at 11:00, throwing elbows, and staking out our pew, as it is always standing room only. And don’t even bother coming at 11:15…because there will be no parking and you’re guaranteed to be standing – two deep – in the…

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