In Her Eyes

I don’t think there is a single posting this amazing young lady doesn’t move me!
If I could ever sit and have tea with her I would share with her God really will provide the right time and the openness….and by that time if and when her niece knows….it will all be okay!

Just recently God pressed it upon my heart to share with my daughter some of my past….my past scattered and broken with sexual abuses…but also mingled with not so great choices because of those abuses…

I felt unsure of sharing with my daughter! Would it change the amazing relationship we have?!

You know what….it strengthened it!!!!

So sweet Beauty Beyond Bones…keep trusting our amazing Lord…he won’t let you down!!!


Ever since I was a little girl, giving gifts has always been myfavorite part of Christmas.

And, not to toot my own horn, or rather — ring my own jingle bell —


But I’m pretty darn good at it.

Let’s just say I’d give the elves a run for their money.

And I’m not talking about some coupon book for free hugs and foot rubs. Nah. That’s amateur. I’m talking about turning a paper grocery bag into a “juke box” as a youngin’ and then giving each member of my family a “record” to play.

And then there was the year duringthe Michelle Kwan erathat I choreographed a *roller* skating masterpieceto My Heart Will Go On, and rolled the rug back and performed it in the foyer. Complete with a Ribbon Dancerand a twirling skirt.

I may not have had cash money to spend as a kid, but…

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