Hello wonderful friends!

Oh my goodness gracious!!!!  My retreat this last weekend was beyond awesome.  I am working through a lot of stuff still…processing….etc……so I will be sharing a little bit about that soon…..BUT…this research has pressed on my heart to share with you all because it is research I ended up doing as I was preparing for this HEALING retreat last weekend.

As I was preparing for the retreat I had been reading this fabulous book:  THE HEALING OF FAMILIES by Father Yozefu-B. Ssemakula.

While reading this book I came across some stuff that had me wondering if I really should be participating in yoga…I did lots of research and did lots of praying…..and realized I really just can’t participate.

I wish I could be like so many Christians who feel it is a non-issue and think they can separate the spiritual practice from the physical practice….but I CAN’T!  I realized I was very naive to think I could.

I had set out to write all sorts of stuff to share here with all of you but after having shared much of my thoughts beforehand with close family and friends I decided I would share with you the quick bullet points that I took home from many of the resources I read, watched, and learned from and you my dear readers search out your own answers within.

So my notes I made to myself about yoga was:

  • ~There is no Hinduism without Yoga…therefore there is no Yoga without Hinduism.
  • ~YOGA…..actually means to be yoked with…So what are we being yoked to!?   ***We need to understand the bible says to ONLY be YOKED to Jesus/God…..
  • ~Kindulini form of Yoga means the serpent force….this force lies dormant in the base of the spine to be awakened.
  • ~Master Yoga Guru’s will teach that Kindulini is the plug point for the serpent force.
  • ~The creation of yoga was to work together as a system: body, breathing, movement, meditation
  • ~Techniques cannot be separated from its philosophy
  • ~It IS a practice of psychosomatic exercises.
  • ~Each movement has a purpose of awakening or calling on the serpent and/or other “spirits”…..
  • ~Doctrine of yoga is pantheism (meaning everything is God).
  • ~Yoga teaches to focus on self instead of God.

So if that is what YOGA is all about then I truly want nothing to do with a practice that could even possibly open the door to something evil.  I would much rather heed on the cautious side and realize I was wrong versus lean on the casual side and find out I WAS WRONG!!!

There is literally hundreds of great resources out there to learn both sides of the story….I encourage you all to read up to make a decision that is best for you!

These are the ones I really felt drawn to and that spoke to my heart:

Think you can be Christian and do Yoga?

Yoga Untold Spiritual Truths

Should Christians Do Yoga?

Testimony of Deliverance from a Demon of Yoga

I would love to hear from each of you what your thoughts are about the videos and articles I shared here about yoga…..and if you find yourself feeling convicted one way or another!

Today I challenge you to take a moment to read up more…….listen…..learn….pray about it…..journal about it…..and sit with your thoughts and prayers…..AND SEE WHERE GOD LEADS you in this journey!?

Many blessings and prayers my dear readers…family….friends….

~Kelly 😉



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