Generational Healing….

I mentioned last week how part of what I realized I needed to work on was healing with my mom!

I finally came to an amazing realization of why my mom and I sometimes don’t always see eye to eye….why we can truly be hurtful with each others.

There have been moments that my life can feel so much like the GILMORE GIRLS (without all the wealth!! lol)

Now this is not a moment to call out my mom and say all the things she did were “wrong” in how she raised me…..OH NO!!!  I am a mom and I know all too well that when we are parenting in the moment we are truly doing the best we can do at that moment….with what we are equipped with.

But that is the key….equipped!  So if we are working on our own healing….and being real with ourselves and others than maybe parenting doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

Okay so back to my mom….

I KNOW now….she could only give what she gave because she didn’t have more to give!!!  She had her own wounds and scars she was working on or avoiding……and she (just like all of us) had other life situations compounding and piling up on those areas that needed work!

And there is no telling how many generations back this has been going on…..of women in my family being hurt and not healing!?  How many women in any of our family trees?!

It has opened a door of greater appreciation for my mom that is for sure!  I great sense of compassion that I thought I already had but I realized I needed to take that up a notch as well!

I am excited because I leave tomorrow for a retreat called: HEALING THE WHOLE PERSON.   I am looking forward to what all GOD has in store for me to learn and grow from.  I am sure you will be hearing all about it either next week or the following week 🙂 or maybe both….lol…

What hurts and wounds do you need to work on that could be generational junk!?  Do you need to do some reconciling and examining of love for a parent!?  Think about it…..pray about it…..sit with it….write about it….

Many blessings my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂

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