Hello my dear readers…family….friends….

I have had a whirl wind of a few weeks!  God is so amazing….and so profound in all He does!  I have so much to share with you about the things I have been doing this month…..BUT…..I will hold off for another posting ;)…..because I promised you to have the follow up notes from the Catholic Women’s Conference from September!  If you want to catch up on the notes from the first posting…..check them out here!

So…here are the remainder of my notes from the amazing Sonja Corbitt!!!


Depression….it is necessary to experience this in order to move forward.  I found this very interesting.  It is our body and mind’s way of going through the process of letting things go…to not cling.

Depression can be us clinging to something that we must let go of.  There could be an attachment we need to grieve and let go.  Depression happens when we are disillusioned  This allows us to become disconnected from what we want and focus on what we should have.

In our society we tend to view depression as a negative thing….but look at how some of the great prophets in the bible had actually experienced and struggled with depression.

Depression SHAKES US UP!!!

It can help us dig deep into forgiveness…attachments….and find forgiveness and detachment.


1 Kings 19….Elijah….a man of God…excessive tiredness…..

****side note….if a person continues to experience depression for over 2 weeks then it is time to seek help…..

Sonja Corbitt has a PINTEREST board dedicated to ANGER!  Point: We need to feel heard!

JOHN 8:32

When we come out of it we are able to refocus….dig deeper…and realize there are bigger issues than us.  WE are able to serve others.  God helps us fall in love with those we are serving.

Take home:  Rx FOR DEPRESSION:

  • go to church
  • get with God
  • get in the WORD
  • get moving
  • get serving


Do not substitute need for girl power.   Have we reflected on Song of Songs….song of Solomon.  Solomon means WISDOM!

I love how she shared why we veil at mass:  it is because we are SOOOOO EXQUISITE that our SOUL MUST BE GUARDED!!!  WOW!!!!

Moses: means drawn out…

Jacob: means cheater…




There is NOTHING we can do to remove our self from the love of God.


God is the God of PEOPLE not THINGS.  We are the mark of the trinity….we exist in communion for relationships.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Fearful: root from RESPECT!  WE are good by virtue of our being.  Now SATAN capitalizes on our woundedness.

Wisdom 11:16….we are punished by that which we do too much of……(sin)….

Sin has its own consequences.

In both, the OLD AND THE NEW TESTAMENT…..it can be found….”your sin will find you out…”….

Did you know Satan was made with music….for music….this is why he despises MUSIC.

2 COR 6:15

When we feel worthless we are under attack….SATAN is a hypocrite….IT’S A LIE!

The bible tells us…”…think of the things that are true and good, and lovely…”….

ROMANS 8:38  ….”…nothing can separate us….from GOD’S LOVE….”

Song of Solomon 8:?….”….set me as a seal…..love…..”

In Hebrews God is a consuming fire…

Holiness means to become transparent….our purgatory (to purge our pain, our sins) is to become transparent….which guides us in SELF KNOWLEDGE……

We rest in the pain of it as long as it takes to get rid of it…


So that’s the end of my notes…..I know some of it may not make sense…..but I strongly urge you to check out her book “UNLEASHED”……it goes into much greater detail…..

What Sonja Corbitt did for me was strengthen my path of continual healing….continual forgiving…continual work on self…so I can be ALL God desires me to be for others!!!

How about you?  Are you digging deep and getting uncomfortable with your sins, your struggles, your hurts, your anger….to UNLEASH your most inner beauty to shine for all those around you?  Sit with that….pray about that….write about it…..live it!!!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers….family…and friends…

~Kelly 🙂


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