That is the resounding message I kept getting this last weekend when I attended the CATHOLIC WOMEN’S CONFERENCE.  The guest speaker was Sonja Corbitt (click on her name to follow the link all about her!).   OH MY GOODNESS…..I have to say I was a bit in awe….a bit star struck….and bit overwhelmed over how much of her message is what I live and breathe….just from a different perspective.  And I felt a kindred spirit…a soul sister felling toward her.

I promised on Facebook I would share my notes and highlights from the conference so here we go….let’s see if you can wade, muddle through my code of notes…lol….


FEARLESS…about woundedness…..we need to REALLY see the enemy….the true enemy: SATAN.  Have we ever thought about how that agitation we feel deep in our belly is the HOLY SPIRIT MOVING THE SOUL! 

This battle began in the GARDEN, Genesis 1.  God gave us a 2nd chance through redemption….GRACE!  But the ANGELS did not….their choice was irreversible.  When we die it will be the same as the angels…..

We need to guard ourselves in the sense of loving others but not revealing self to those who are not “safe” for us….for our soul….our health….our well-being.

God created us to be needy…original sin disconnected us….thus we are looking for comfort in everything else other than GOD.

Adam and Eve disconnected because of fear.

GOD is the source of EVERY NEED!  Therefore….the WORD OF GOD brings light to us….it is our NEED…

Let’s look at Adam and Eve….their sin created hiding, disconnect, fear……change comes with honesty.

When God saw what they had done he covered them with a sacrificed animal because their coverings were not good enough….But even God said this covering was temporary.  God HIMSELF was already promising us JESUS in the garden.

Because of sin we tend to view “neediness” as disgusting.  It’s actually not disgusting.  When we push our neediness away that is actually disgusting.

We are consumed by being self-sufficient but that is not from GOD.  NEEDINESS is how we are SUPPOSE to be for HIM!

CS Lewis….”…can fix a sum….by going back and reworking it….”

Edith Stein…”…Mary unraveled….so can we….”

Saint JPII….”…God has given self to woman in a unique way…”

*As women, we feel more, thus the reason why we get hurt so easily!  We are gifted especially to do this…to feel!

The problem comes when we let people in TOO far.  WE have to reconnect with God to KNOW and keep/set boundaries.  UNSAFE people we can still connect with in the spiritual world…..but have proper boundaries in our physical lives.

Our reconnecting reclaims our dignity. 

Need to identify something, someone….toxic relationships….see patterns ….

Hebrews 3:7, Psalms 95:10, Exodus 17: 1-7….when God repeats HIMSELF in scripture is emphasizing a point!

How often is 40 used in the bible…it is a time of gestation….trial….scarcity….deserted-ness…  In the desert we learn to rest in the scarcity….1 cor 10, Ex 16, Psalm 78….


Rest = Sabbath….not resting is because not waiting for HIM to provide…..desert is for excavation.

We will not enter the ultimate rest if we are not willing to rest.

Rest + Worship = Sabbath


Sunday: STOP WORKING….no dishes, no laundry, no work….

We are ENTITLED to it BY GOD!  We must guard that day……we cannot worship properly without rest!

I am going to pause there and give you the other half next week….but what I want you to think about is this: 

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY TO PREPARE…TO TRULY MAKE SUNDAY A DAY OF REST!?  Sit with this, pray about this, write about this…then purpose yourself to truly rest on Sunday!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 😉


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