Committed to Change…

Are you committed to true change!?

I purposed myself this year to truly find the root of my health concerns…my hoshimotos/hypothyroidism.   I realized I was not loving or respecting myself enough.  I still had some healing and growing to move through.  I was tired of making choices that made me feel bad about myself.

This is a letter I wrote to God earlier this year through this amazing health journey…

Dear God,

I am committed to true change.  I am tired of not loving myself or respecting myself enough to continue to eat or do things that make me feel bad about myself.  I don’t like feeling sluggish and “fat”.  I don’t like feeling foggy and I KNOW it has to do with not choosing the right stuff for MY body.  I must respect what MY body needs!  I must get back to feeling ‘clean’!

I’m going to get serious about my goal setting.  I am going to be the healthiest me (mind body and soul) by the cruise.  I must truly detox my entire mind, body, soul from all unwanted garbage from my system.  I desire to truly “slow down” when I eat, drink, pray, play, anything.

I know I feel great when I juice in the mornings.  I am going nourish my body and mind first thing in the morning with a green juice so I can think clearer.  I am going to focus on getting my nutrition from amazing plants and the supplements I use with my essential oils.  I am going to check into myself each day in what do I truly need this day.  I want to know if there is a possibility if one day I will not need my desiccated thyroid.  And if that is not ever possible to truly be at peace with that.

Lord….I want to feel super clean and alive about everything: my food, my exercise, my prayer.   I want to truly listen to my body….to the energy within my body….to tell me what I need to eat or do that is going to best support me.  So if it means my body says eggs are good today but not tomorrow….then I need to truly listen and respect that.

Lord…for once in my life this health journey is NOT about my weight….I am free from the bondage of my dysmorphia….I know I am beautiful…I just know I DON’T like feeling sluggish, bloated, yucky.  I WANT TO FEEL AMAZING…LIKE YOU CREATED ME TO FEEL!

Thank you for always listening to me…being there for me….loving me….


***And what’s awesome is it is cruise time!  We just got home from our vacation this week and I am truly free….I feel amazing….I feel peace about my hoshimoto’s/hypothyroidism.  Do I still feel fog and sluggishness?  Yes….there are some days it is what it is…..But I am learning to accept myself with it and love myself no matter what.  I don’t compare the “old” me with the “new” me anymore!

Perfect….NO….intentional….YES….eyes set on God…eyes set on wellness: mind, body, and soul….eyes set on living life NOW….not tomorrow or yesterday!

So are you committed to change?!  What is holding you back!?  Take a moment to sit with this….pray about it….write about it….find peace within you to live your amazing life!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂 xox



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