Muscle Testing & Modesty

My week has been blessed and full.  So much so that I just wasn’t able to get a post out on Wednesday like I had desired…but this morning I realized why…..because I wouldn’t have been inspired to write THIS post if yesterday wouldn’t have taken place!

I was visiting yesterday with some dear friends, team members, about muscle testing.  How to trust yourself with it….how as we gain confidence in this modality we gain confidence in the answers our body, our energy, gives us.

Now some Christians may be saying right now…wait a minute Kelly that’s not from God…..but I say….how is it not!?

God created us….thus the energy within us is from Him.  When we turn to Him for guidance then why wouldn’t He use any means possible to speak to us….including our energy.  I think where it goes wrong is when (with any modality) we don’t turn our respect and honor to GOD first.  When we try to think we are going to get the answers on our own.  For example when I muscle test my first couple questions are usually “Lord should I take….”   or “Lord do I need…..”  therefore it reminds me my other questions throughout the day are actually turning to HIM to give me guidance and to TRUST my INNER VOICE because that is HIM speaking through me…in me….for me!   Therefore the more confidence I have in myself then the more I have trust in HIM and truly visa versa!

What does this have to do with modesty!?  I muscle tested what I should blog about today….at this moment…and He told me both….modesty and muscle-testing….then it hit me….or should I say the Holy Spirit enlightened me of how and why!

The more we trust God to guide us in our choices of our path….then something as simple as when we get dressed will guide us on a path of Godliness thus modesty.

I just finished a fabulous book I want to share with so many young girls about modesty (I will be sharing more about this book at a later day).  One of the chapters talks about the heart of modesty.  This is the thing….when we seek God to lead us and guide us…..then our heart….our spirit….our energy….will let us know what is Godly and what is not in our dress…in our closet.

I have taken to the practice to ask myself each morning, to muscle test, what I should wear each day.  I just recently cleaned out all my clothing with a dear friend, but I realized I am going to go over it one more time and muscle test each article and ask myself “should I keep this”, “Is this modest enough for me…”  questions like that….and “Lord will this cause a man or woman to sin.”

Muscle testing is a beautiful gift from God….don’t let evil or fear rob you of this gift….this gift that was created by God but hijacked from entities that don’t seek God’s glory.

Modesty is a beautiful gift from God….don’t let this world or laziness rob you of this gift….this gift that was created for you to walk with dignity and honor our true sexuality.

What do you think about muscle-testing?  Have you tried it?  How do you think it can strengthen your modesty or any other faith walk!?  Take a moment to sit with this….pray about this….write about this….

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂 xox

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