Change is in the air!


Wow this last week has been crazy yet wonderful!

Between transitioning to the new blog location….laying down flooring….prepping for lessons starting back up soon….and so much more….well…

We did something different this last weekend.  We hosted a SaladMasters dinner with a some friends.  It was hilarious and great fun.  I enjoyed the great fellowship….BUT…..unfortunately my immune system took a hit.  I am not quite sure what it was.

I have really been evaluating it and these are my thoughts….we are mind body soul connected so with that…could it have been the food; it was NOT organic and I only shop organic?  Could it have been that some of the foods that are inflammatory to my system were cooked in the same pan as my food!? Could it have been that it had been a long day for me anyways?  Could it have been that I had a lot on my mind and heart with helping someone with frustrations about her own diagnosis of Hoshimotos?  Could it have been….!?

There is no telling but that’s okay!

Because this beautiful journey has good days and bad days…..with or without a disease….with or without complications.  It is the definition of organic…of growth….of life!

So I adjusted what I do in my days that are not the way I would like them to be ideally.   I adjusted my thinking and realized that MAYBE a few of the days were suppose to be an extra SELF-CARE kind of day!  Ooh that means reading, relaxing, yoga, detox bath….soothing teas…..and to bed early!!!  Now can I really complain about that!

So this is something to think about….when was the last time you did some self-care?  Does your immune system have to tank on you (allergies, a cold, autoimmune flare up, etc) in order to listen to your mind, body, soul needs!?

Take a moment today to sit, pray, reflect, write about how you can better incorporate self-care each day!

Many blessings my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂

PS….stick with me as I figure out the learning curve of wordpress…pictures will be changing….lots of fun….lots of tabs with topics like recipes, self-love, faith, and so much more!


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