Thriving Thyroid!

There IS SO MUCH information out there about health and nutrition.  Trying to weed out what is right for YOU….your unique being is sometimes daunting….overwhelming…..and you just want to throw up your hands!

But instead of viewing it as an all or nothing sort of deal…..I have found that my nutritional health needs are no different than my spiritual health needs…IT IS A JOURNEY….A PROCESS! 

I have also discovered I am my strongest when I am caring for my needs so I can then help others figure out their needs!

This is why I started started several different Facebook groups.  Each of them cover different topics and needs.  It has been wonderful being able to share with others different ways to grow and develop stronger “muscles” in faith, nutrition, parenting, eating out, thyroid…and more….

Thus today I feature the Facebook group:  THRIVING THYROID!

This is where I share my own journey of thriving with Hoshimoto’s/Hypothyroidism. I share things like the AIP diet….different symptoms a person would not think about that are caused by the thyroid… to continue to learn and grow….and so much more.   It’s a place where everyone who is part of the group can ask questions….give input……..and so much more! 

Soooo….if you struggle with a thyroid condition….know someone who does…..or just want to learn more about the importance of the thyroid…..then check out THRIVING THYROID.

Take a moment today to reflect on an area in your life you would like to THRIVE more in.  Pray about it….write about it… it!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family….friends…

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