Isn’t amazing how much we take our freedoms for granted!

We get so caught up in all the hustle and bustle of DOING DOING DOING….we forget to reflect and be in a moment.

Yesterday we enjoyed a fabulous evening with some friends.  We tailgated at a store parking lot so we could watch the fireworks across the way at the park….and avoid the crazy crowd over there!

It was refreshing….beautiful….and free!

It felt free to just BE with friends….AND NOT FEEL like I was suppose to be on my phone checking this or that….it felt free to visit and fellowship face to face with a friend and have that human contact!

It felt FREE to remember to continue to prioritize my days based on what is my vocation, calling, gifts, talents….   And making sure I do things that spark JOY…..

We need to remember to LIVE IN THE MOMENT….that’s how our freedoms were won…..IN THE MOMENT!  It wasn’t put off because social media was more important to check….it wasn’t put off because a favorite show was coming on….it wasn’t put off because pursuing careers were priority…..FREEDOM WAS WON….because of passion….being present….seeing a need and I dare to say finding JOY in the challenge to make things better for not only their generation but generations to come!

Today….sit….reflect….pray….write….about what does freedom mean to you!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers…….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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