Just Getting Old…

Brain fog….

Do you have well meaning family/friends who will say things like….”Oh you know what that’s called?  It’s getting old.  It happens to all of us.” (When you have aches and pains, soreness, brain fog…)

These are my thoughts on those comments:

1.  NO!  Aging doesn’t have to be….and shouldn’t be painful.
2.  They are speaking without thinking.

My question is, if you know a person as a type of arthritis or any disease/condition that cause nerve pain, muscle pain, or any type of pain that is not “normal”  would you say “OH THAT’S JUST NORMAL”.  NO you wouldn’t.

Basically in the mind and to the ears of the person who is struggling with any health condition that causes inflammation/pain, it is interpreted, or can be interpreted as….”Deal with it”….or….”buck up….be tougher!”

I don’t talk about my pain to many people because I don’t want it to be a focus or others to “feel sorry”.  BUT I should be able to talk to those I love most when I am experiencing more than usual pain.  They should be the ones I can safely “complain” or “whine” to from time to time….or even to just make an off handed remark like:
“….ugh I don’t like how my soreness linger more than it use to…”  I should be able to let my hair down with out pacifying comments from those who are my inner circle of safety.

What’s my point!?
If you are an inner circle loved one for someone who has a true health concern and/or autoimmune condition. PLEASE be loving and compassionate with your words.  Remember you don’t walk in their shoes.

I know for me, I am not a complainer…I don’t sit and dwell on my pains.  I don’t allow my attitude to become negative or my situation to consume me.  SO if I feel comfortable enough to express a pain I am feeling then what I  am really needing is just an ear…some compassion and love…and NO PACIFYING or minimizing my feelings.


Do you have well meaning family and friends who hurt your feelings or create anger within you!?  Take a moment today to reflect on why it bothers you!?  What you can do about it?!  Should you say anything or let it go!?  Now sit with this….pray about it…write in your journal about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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