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What does ALL additions have in common!?


I recently posted some self love stuff on a Facebook Group: The Self Love Shine!

A wonderful woman who also strives to spread love to other women posted about a book.  It fascinated and interested me. I thought if anything I would read it to see what I can share with others about it.  The author talks about SELF LOVE through food addictions, how to learn to truly love self and to expect/ask God for a miracle to heal from self-destructive mind/heart thoughts.  To help you learn how to truly approach your health with a MIND, BODY, SOUL approach.

I love her message.  I think she compliments the message that MADDY MOON shares about with her journey of self love.  How to truly walk away from food obsessions. How to have food freedom!

This book is about more than food addictions and over-eating… is about TRULY LOVING YOURSELF ENOUGH TO HAVE A FABULOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD!!!

Tomorrow I’ll share more about how a person can have food freedom even and especially if you have an autoimmune disease or food allergies.

But today…..I challenge you to really pause and reflect on your relationship with food.  Is it misplaced in anyway shape or form!?  If so how can you change it!?  Reflect on this…..journal about it….pray about it!!!

Have a fabulous day dear readers…….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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