Cooking Classes!!!

Posting about recipes had me thinking how I want my darling daughter to enjoy cooking as much as I do!  I want her to learn that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be fun….it can be with real food and not from a box!  She actually does enjoy cooking from time to time….but I know she sees her mom cook and doesn’t have the opportunity very often to learn from others that have the same nutritional goals as I do in mind!

THEN…..I realized a fabulous idea!!!!  I have a friend who offers HEALTHY COOKING CLASSES on a regular basis!  So why not sign her and I up for not only a wonderful cooking class for us both to continue to learn different recipe ideas but to have a wonderful daughter bonding opportunity!

If you’re interested in taking this COOKING CLASS yourself….you really should check it out (here)!   Laura is fabulous…..I love learning so much from her!

Okay onto more fun stuff for the day!
But stay tuned….my weekend away for Father’s Day had me journal and write some amazing thoughts that I am looking forward to sharing with you all this week!

Have a gloriously blessed day full of MIND, BODY, SOUL connections in all you do with your FAITH, FOOD, FITNESS, FAMILY, FINANCES, FUN….AND SO MUCH MORE!!

Hugs and blessings always dear readers….family….friends…
~Kelly  🙂

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