Garage Sales and Peeling Onions….

Today we are having a garage sale.  I LOVE GETTING RID OF STUFF!

I love peeling away more layers of stuff to get to the depth of what is really important!

I view garage sales as something similar to peeling an onion.  Just like in psychology the visual of peeling an onion to unwrap layers of emotions, pain, hurt, etc….a garage sale can be that peeling of an onion for stuff.   And it can be….if you let it be….very therapeutic.  Rather than having a garage sale to make room for more STUFF…..instead think of it as a way to reveal the next layer of yourself.  To let go of STUFF and replace it with memories….love….laughter….life!

What layer of your onion are you needing to work on today!?  Pray….reflect….journal about it today!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers….family…friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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