Okay this is sooo random…..

I was remembering how a young lady I know at a store I frequent quite regularly was saying how she was a dork.  I can’t remember the context of it….but we were laughing because she didn’t mean it a negative sort of way.

Heck my daughter and I say we are weird all the time….and we are quite proud of this fact.  After all one of the definitions in the dictionary for weird is unique!  Well heck ya we are UNIQUE!

Well I was sharing with this young lady how I love making acronyms for words to remind us stuff… when I am needing to remember my JOY…..I remind myself that Jesus Overcomes Yuckiness!  IE: JOY!!!

So I told her I would come up with an acronym for DORK:

OF the

So now when she calls herself a DORK she can remember how very precious she is…..because after all she a daughter of the real king…..the one and only true king…..JESUS CHRIST!!

I must text her and tell her I came up with it weeks ago! 

What WORDS do you like to play with….or what words can you turn into an acronym that reminds you just how very special you are!?  Pray about it….think about it….journal about it…live it!

Hugs and blessings dear readers….family…friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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