I was thinking how this generational healing stuff is just another way of how LIFE IS ORGANIC! I am choosing to not use any “pesticides” to cover up or ignore feelings, emotions, healing that needs to take place.  I am choosing to dig deep and turn my “soil” to get to the real depth of me.

In order for a person to really peel away the layers of healing and figuring things out in their life….we must be willing to approach life ORGANIC.

What does that mean!?

It means to give all aspects of life a RENEWABLE resource….and a conservation of the soil (soul).  A desire to not be artificial in anything with your life… be willing to deal with tough “bugs” and seasons of life as you nurture a real way of life that flows naturally, holistically, spiritually. 

I DESIRE TO CONTINUE TO PURSUE BEING 100% ORGANIC IN ALL PARTS OF MY LIFE!!!  It is really and truly amazing……and so much fun….and SO FREE!

How organic are you!?  Are you in touch with nature in all aspects of life: mind, body, soul!?  Take a moment to reflect….pray….pause….journal about it…..

Blessings and hugs dear readers….family…friends….
~Kelly 😉

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