Sugar and Sin

Growing up sugar was not allowed in our house… was not considered good for us….BUT my parents didn’t know the science of why it wasn’t good for us.  Instead it was just a huge NO-NO to think of if…eat it…etc….SOOOO my brother and I would sneak it.

This created a bad relationship with sugar…food….on top of it I witnessed my mom often “sneak eating”.  I thought of this when I read “MADE TO CRAVE” several years back. 

This has had me think even more about the GENERATIONAL HEALING.  I have purposed myself to make sure my daughter NEVER feels shamed or rewarded with food.  I don’t like that she LOVES sugar.  Especially with all I know and try to share with her….BUT I desire for her to never ever feel like she has to “closet eat”.  

I have come to realize that having grown up witnessing “sneaky” behavior…..and even feeling guilt for wanting something that was “forbidden”…..has created a “guilt” or even a “sneaky” feeling when I even eat VEGGIES when it’s not a “designated eating time!”……NOW THAT IS CRAZY!

I don’t usually feel that way…..but it has truly explained some of my past feelings….and I feel empowered to really work on this and to continue to grow in realizing how my healing for my physical health is truly connected to my spiritual health… all AMAZES ME…..and it is ALL SO AWESOME!

Those are my thought for today!

What is your relationship with food!?  Is there some nurturing that is not part of your nature but still needs to be “exercised” out of your system!?  Think….pray….reflect….journal about it!

Hugs and prayers always dear readers….family…friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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