Generational Healing…

What is generational wounds!?

My mom always had books about healing the family tree….or would talk about writing a book to heal the generations and for her children to be blessed….

I have always been exposed to the knowledge that generational stuff can be passed on.  Most of us think of it as temperaments, traits, character….even health.   BUT have you ever thought about spiritual stuff!?  Things like why do I have an anger within me that I have NO IDEA where it is coming from!?  WHY DO I FEEL xyz!?  And you have done digging, you’ve done healing, yet you just can’t put your finger on it!?   THAT’S GENERATIONAL JUNK IN THE TRUNK!

Thus I have been realizing that there is some serious generational stuff I must help my soul figure out to come to rest for the sake of myself as well as my future generations.

There are many generational things I think that need to be worked on but the ones that really stand out are:

1.  I must heal from the generational scar of not feeling worthy.  My mom has never felt good enough and because of that I have a tendency to let that manifest.  And I struggle with it….even though I KNOW IT IS NOT MY NATURE.  I KNOW IT IS NOT TRUE.  

2.  Body….my mom has NEVER liked how she looked.  She has never been satisfied with her body.  This has created an unrest in my body’s energy that was passed on to me from within the womb.  I was blessed enough to make sure that was not passed on to my daughter while I was pregnant with her.  I have always spoken loving thoughts about myself…..BUT my health stuff HAS brought some of this generational stuff to the forefront and I am needing to figure it all out.

Now understand….this is not to CALL my mom out….THIS IS TO BRING TO THE LIGHT WHAT NEEDS TO BE HEALED.……because when we keep things in the dark……it can’t grow….it can’t get stronger… can’t HEAL!!!

This journey of life is amazing…..and if we are willing to speak out and do the hard stuff then life is SOO MUCH MORE AMAZING AND PEACEFUL!!!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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