To Tech or Not to Tech….

I have been pondering a great deal recently on how much TIME we waste on technology and devices.  Even (gasp) me here on my blog.  LOL….Actually I don’t see this so much as a time waster because it is my “art”, my craft, my way to relax…..I am journalling….just for anyone to read…..why….well because I know it is what I was called to do.

BUT.…..I have to always remember what is my priorities…..what comes first?!  My vocation of wife with the calling of being mother and teacher.  Thus any gifts and talents and rest time must be balanced and put into perspective.

As I eluded yesterday about my cousins….I love how they truly unplug.  They aren’t a “slave” to the next text coming in……or latest posting on facebook.  They understand GOD created us to be connected physically to one another.

Now I KNOW so many of US are going to argue…..BUT I AM CONNECTING to others that I would have never connected with or even known otherwise if it weren’t for social media.  I am being able to connect and help people in ways that were never possible.  YES AND NO….is what I say.   We can all rationalize and justify our over use of technology….but it is just that…..EXCUSES……because WE CAN SURVIVE WITH OUT IT!


I know I know….so many are going to say….no we can’t.  Take even the social media aspect out of it….what about shopping….banking….corresponding….information……

All those forms of doing are still available without technology…..actually going into a bank…..into a store….the post office…..the newspaper……

Another argument can be well those are all a form of technology.  Yes I guess so because technology is about progression….improvements…..

BUT how far is too far.

Those are the questions I ponder.

Thus this month I am going to really reflect on my computer use.  How much of it is “robbing, cheating” my family out of me time!”   How much of my social media time is taking away from my first responsibilities and priorities.  And how much of it is taking me away from stuff I would really rather being doing anyways but I am willing to be a sheep and follow the crowd instead of saying you know what I REALLY DON’T CARE!!!

Those are my thoughts…..maybe this month I will just spend time here on my blog each day for a few minutes and then call my computer time good for the day.

Maybe this month I will be a better example to my daughter and say you know what all devices are turned off and put away from 9-3 and then 6pm til next morning.  Maybe the only window of time should be between 3pm and 6pm.

OH but Kelly how is anyone going to get a hold of you….your phone….well that’s something I will have to think about….and ponder….but tell me this how many of us go to our phone to check a message…..text…..and end up on facebook or email!?

Thus I ponder TO TECH OR NOT TO TECH!?

Have a fabulously blessed day!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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