Dear Ladies…Girls…Women…

Today I want to share with you how very precious you are….how beautiful you are JUST AS YOU!  

You don’t need to show off all your great success of losing weight by wearing less. 
You don’t need to take pictures of yourself to post it on Facebook showing even less of yourself to “show” how wonderful whatever helped you shift your lifestyle to making healthier choices.

Here is the thing….I AM NOT JUDGING YOU….I LOVE YOU.…I love you each enough to help you understand….YOU ARE PRECIOUS….I desire for you to not be looked at and undressed in the mind of men and women alike. 

The difference is when men are undressing you in their minds you are becoming an object in their mind…it is truly a scientific thing in their mind that they cannot control.  And the women who are looking you up and down are either comparing themselves,  judging you, and who knows what…the point being is it is not creating the nurturing nature of women being able to bond together and support each other.

So ladies, girls, women….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE love yourself to look in the mirror and ask yourself….truly ask yourself:  WHAT MESSAGE AM I TRYING TO EXPRESS WITH THIS OUTFIT!?

I pray you read yesterdays posting and watch the YouTube video of WHAT GUYS THING ABOUT MODESTY!

Please understand MODESTY is not holding you back….instead it is elevating you up…creating true FREEDOM!!!

Ladies….girls…women I say all this because I LOVE YOU….I want you to know I UNDERSTAND wanting people to see all your hard work….BUT WHO DID YOU GET HEALTHY FOR?!  WHO DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT FOR?!  I pray it was to honor God…to respect your temple….to remember that your health has purpose.

Thus I pray you will LOVE YOURSELF AS GOD DESIRES YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF....with great dignity….great honor….great purpose.

So next time you look in the mirror….look deep in your eyes first….and say….I LOVE YOU…YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE.…the look at your outfit….and ask….what is my purpose in this outfit:  To honor God?  To protect the PURITY OF MEN….to honor my MODESTY….?  OR is my purpose to draw attention to my body!?

Thank you for reading this letter with the an open mind, an open heart, and the knowledge that I TRULY CARE ABOUT YOU.…I LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF OUR AMAZING LORD AND I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE USED….OR TO FEEL LESS THAN YOU ARE WORTH!!!

My hugs and prayers always dear readers….family…friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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