This is perfect to share today since yesterday I talked about collections….hobbies….and how one of mine is RESEARCH….LEARNING…..

I have always been passionate about sharing with young girls…women…about the beauty of modesty.  How we need to continually strive to fine tune our wardrobe.  Once our eyes are opened to something we have in our closet WE MUST LET IT GO!!  And the more we become convicted about our apparel….WE MUST GIVE IT TO GOD!!

I have been praying for a very long time on how to bring a message of modesty to young girls in our church, our community.  To help others understand it is about empowering us as women not oppression.  I could go on and on about how it is intertwined in many other subjects of self worth….etc….but I WILL STAY TO POINT :)….

Which is….

I have been doing LOTS OF YOUTUBE video watching on modesty because I have been given the great privilege to be part an amazing team of individuals to bring about a knowledge on TOB (Theology of the Body)…..encompassed in this program that is being developed will be a part on MODESTY…..I AM BEYOND BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT!!

Thus back to research…youtube….

I have found some really great video clips that will be useful….some that are great for me to watch but not to share….and some that are well just not so great….

BUT one so far has REALLY STOOD OUT.…it speaks to the heart and soul of why we as WOMEN REALLY REALLY REALLY should take our modesty serious.  This clip gets to the heart of what I want young girls to understand.

It is truly amazing…..IT IS FROM A GUYS POINT OF VIEW! 

Check out this YOUTUBE video and let me know what you think!

Have a glorious day!
Many blessings and hugs always dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 😉

Author: Kelly Frick: Connect

I connect self-care to our self-love through Essential Oils! Nurturing our nutritional needs equals self-care. Our need for nature connects us to our mind body soul spirit being. Knowledge expands understanding that self-care leads to self-love. Self-love lights up the world and connects us to others! We are all connected within and with others. I love sharing, motivating, and educating about the amazing gifts of biblical health through essential oils, self-care, and self-love!

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