Organic or Bust!?

Wednesday’s are my shopping day.  I have been wanting to post for a while about why going organic is important.  I just haven’t had the chance….life….lol.

But today reminded me how much I have been wanting to share this important information.

I use to stick to the lists of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen.  And not worry.   I would make sure my produce were rinsed off well and figured it didn’t really matter as long as I was doing things clean….paleo….etc….then….

Well my thyroid let me know even my best intentions were not good enough.  Now I am not saying not being 100% organic was the only factor….there were many many many factors with my thyroid health issues…..but going 100% organic HAS made a huge difference.

The common argument is that organic is too expensive.  BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE!  So I plan on sharing this month to compare in the grocery stores every Wednesday the same list compared and help everyone see how going organic DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A BURDEN.

Until then let me share with you some really great articles to read to explain why it is so important!

The Organic Center gives the easiest read to understand why YOU SHOULD GO ORGANIC…..READ HERE!

This article found in the NEW YORK TIMES about a middle schooler’s science project of a fruit fly is pretty interesting.

And this EXPERIMENT is probably the most profound… get to actually see and read about a family who went organic and the health benefits that took place!

I PROMISE I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ALL NEXT WEEK ABOUT ORGANIC VERSUS NON-ORGANIC SHOPPING…..I care too much about each of you and your health to not follow up for you to truly consider going organic.

Tomorrow I am going to share about how it is relate-able to faith issues….God…and nature….

Til then…..

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….friends….and family…. 
~Kelly 🙂

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