I’m going to keep it short today lots of little things I want to finish before my evening fun and adventures…..but….

I must share about a  book I’ve been reading recently:  THE BODY ECOLOGY by Donna Gates!  Fabulous read.

I KNOW it is the the key to the next level of my health and healing my thyroid.  

I absolutely love how Donna Gates discusses not only the science of why and what she suggests to do to improve your physical health….but she also discusses how we are all unique and how we are a complex system worth respecting our individual needs…..basically without her saying it she is saying we are connected MIND BODY AND SOUL…..and we need to respect that. AMEN!!!

It’s interesting because a great deal of what she is talking about in the book I was and have been doing…..but I just needed to fine tune it and tweak the combining and order of some foods….nutrition.  When I look back at some of my food journals and see when my health was doing it’s best over the last year I was inadvertently following her principles of body ecology.

 I am extremely excited to start hard core pursuing the body ecology principles and taking my health to the next level of thriving: MIND BODY AND SOUL!!!

God is so good!!!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends….family….
~Kelly 😉

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