Dear Self…

Thank you for remembering GOD…heaven…sainthood is my true goal!
Thank you for loving this amazing life GOD has gifted to you!
Thank you for continually leaning on GOD to learn…laugh…live…love!

Please forgive me for all the times I did not love your properly.
Please forgive me for all the times I have criticized you for not being enough.
Please forgive me for all the times I have compared you to another.

I love your amazing mind…you willingness to always learn and grow in life.
I love your your unwavering faith….your willingness to love as God has asked of you.
I love your true whole real love of self….your willingness to look into the mirror and see what GOD sees…to not let the enemy whisper lies into your ears or distort what you see.  

Remember you are where you are because you continually know how important it is to abandon your will to HIS WILL.
Remember you have strengthened your armor to the level it is because you ASK HIM for the tools each day.
Remember your whole true health: mind, body, soul is through the power of Jesus….the love of God…and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Have a glorious day full of faith, hope, and love….sprinkled heavily with compassion, forgiveness, and mercy!

My love and prayers to you always full of lots of hugs…
~Kelly 🙂

PS…Dear Readers….When was the last time you showed a little love and mercy to yourself!?

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