Dear "LaLa" Family…

I am honored to call you friend.  I remember the first conversation we ever had.  I remember feeling so connected to you the first time we ever spoke.  I have learned great things from you….especially about our faith….and how to live it with sainthood in mind.

There was a moment in our faith friendship where it became strained.  For that I am greatly sorry.  I did not speak up…advocate….for you in a situation.  I did not live that moment with the integrity I know I am capable of.  I know we have since made amends.  And for that I am humbled for your amazing act of love…grace…compassion and mercy!  You truly are living out the WORKS OF MERCY in your life!

I continue to grow deeper in my faith because of your family.  You recently shared with me why I can and should encourage my daughter to serve as an alter server.  Your explanation was beautiful and profound….because I too pray if it is God’s Will for my daughter to enter the religious life that opportunities present themselves to her to plant a seed.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on how we need to all continually serve our church and not expect to be served.  It is sad that such a small percentage of church congregations make up the bulk of ministry being done.  I have always believed in us doing our part. 

Yet this last year with all my health issues I had to step away from many things….you helped me remember that I must start becoming involved again.  I have some little things…..but I CAN AND WILL start being a more active example to my daughter…and my church family by doing something active not only behind the scenes of Mass but also for and during the Mass.

Please keep me in your prayers as I discern where my gifts and talents are best used for our faith family of the Mass Celebration.  And please keep me in your prayers as I continue to grow and learn about my charism. 

Thank you again for your amazing friendship….your amazing compassion….your amazing mercy….your amazing love!

Your family are ALWAYS in my prayers….
many hugs and blessings….
~Kelly 😉

PS….Dear Readers… you have someone who has helped you grow in your faith!?  Do you have someone you have wronged?  Is it time to write a letter?  Speak to them?  Humble yourself to live in Christ’s light and love!

*** I changed the name of this dear family to protect their privacy….:)

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